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"Choose Your Path" Interactive Videos

Choose Your Path VideoThe "Choose Your Path" video series is a fun and interactive way to test different real-life scenarios while learning about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. The videos not only help to educate on drug abuse, but also help teens test different options and make better decisions!

How it works:

Each video begins by setting up a scenario where you are playing the main character in first-person. After the scene is set, you will have a choice between two different paths. Each choice will lead to other set of choices at the end of the clip. There are many different outcomes, so you can simply refresh this page if you don't like the outcome or feel that you made a wrong decision!

 Choose Your Path #1 "BFF or the EX?"

In this episode your best friend's ex-boyfriend asks you out, but this may be the least of your worries!

Choose Your Path #2 "The Big Test"

In this episode you are faced with a big test the next day. Do you study or choose a different path?

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