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Lincoln County Unite for Youth

Resources for Parents

Parent Resources for Youth Drug Abuse in Lincoln County Montana

Here you will find a comprehensive set of weblinks that contain resources for drug education and tactics to help solve additction. Although this page is mainly setup as a resource for parents, we also encourage youth, young adults and parents with very young children to explore these links. Early education is the best defense against drug abuse, and this starts at home, not in the schools.
Parents have a responsibility to know these facts and potential solutions for prevention and recovery...

When Should I Discuss Drugs with My Child?

Confronting your child about drug use can be an awkward and touchy subject. Keeping up on top of the latest drug "trends" is the first step. Communication is step two and maintaining an open, honest and nonjudgmental dialogue with your child is key. Below are several resources to help you with keeping one step ahead of the problem.
 Reach out to your child before drugs do
 A parents guide to the teen brain: An amazing interactive site to help understand your "little rebel"
 The Parent Toolkit - hundreds of great resources on one site
 How to talk to your child about drugs Talk They Hear You

Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse by teenagers is a growing epidemic in America and around the world. How responsible are you as a parent with prescription medication in your household? These websites will help you recognize the problems and find possible solutions.
 Safeguard prescription drugs from children with Operation Medicine Cabinet
 The Medicine Abuse Project is dedicated to stopping overdose deaths and Rx addiction in youth
 Montana State facts, advice and resources for parents of youth abusing prescription drugs
 True stories of how a "pill" ruined the lives of both children & parents
 Learn about the DXM (cough medicine) abuse epidemic and why it is dangerous

Help with Youth Drug Problems

Websites and links for parents who are dealing with a teen who is using or abusing drugs or alcohol.
 When is it time to intervene?
 Time to get help? This site has resources including a toll-free "Parent Helpline"
 Prescription Drug Abuse Resources in Montana
 Montana Chemical Dependency Services Listings

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Operation Medicine Cabinet

Montana Operation Medicine CabinetLearn more about what Lincoln County parents are doing to keep track of their prescription medications with Operation Medicine Cabinet.

Help Lines:

If you or someone is in immediate danger, call 911.

Free and confidential information in English and Spanish for individuals and family members facing substance abuse and mental health issues. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

You’ll be connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area anytime 24/7
 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Flathead Valley Chemical Dependancy Clinic
LCUFY is proud to partner with The Flathead Valley Chemical Dependency Clinic. The FVCDC is a private non-profit community based agency charged with the responsibility of providing quality substance abuse, dependency treatment and prevention services to Flathead, Lincoln and Sanders Counties.

→ Visit FVCDC Online Here!