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Responsible Alcohol Sales & Service

Lincoln County Youth RASS

The premise may seem simple at first. You are driving down the road with your wife and two beautiful children. The Montana sky is as big as the brochure promised. The sparkling blue lake reflects the mountains and the fluffy clouds above.
What you don't notice as you drive down the tree-lined two-way highway is the 16 year old driver in a large 4 door SUV headed your way. You also have no idea that he and his friends were leaving a bar in a nearby small town where they just had a few beers while dancing and partying with the local band.
The last thing you and your family ever see is a large red SUV rounding the corner doing twice the speed limit.
This scenario plays out time and time again on Montana Highways and many of these incidences could be avoided through responsible alcohol sales and service.

Montana Responsible Alcohol Sales and ServicePeople who serve alcohol as a profession can be a positive force in reducing alcohol-related deaths and injuries. Responsible alcohol sales and service training educates retailers on how to sell and serve alcohol safely.

After the 2009 legislative session, the legislature tasked the Law and Justice Interim Committee with studying the DUI laws in Montana.  The committee spent the following year conducting research on the issue.  Out of that research, during the 2011 legislative session, the committee proposed 14 bills to the legislature.  One of those bills was the Responsible Sales and Service Act.  The alcohol industry representatives worked closely with the committee and the legislature to modify the bill.  
Effective February 12, 2012, The Responsible Sales and Service Act requires the following be trained:
  • Anyone who serves or sells alcoholic beverages
  • Their immediate supervisor
  • The licensee if they serve or sell themselves
Any new employee hired after February 12, 2012 needs to receive training within 60 days of hire and every three years thereafter by a state approved training provider.

The training promotes four key principles to help businesses operate within the constraints of the law and reduce their liabilities.
  • Eliminate selling to underage persons.
  • Eliminate secondary selling.
  • Eliminate selling to intoxicated customers.
  • Refuse altered or false identification.
 Learn more on Montana's official RASS pages:

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Publications & Resources

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Below are links to the website where you can find more information, document downloads and approved server training programs.

 Server Training Page
 Publications & Resources

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