NIDA for Teens

A hip, fun and informative site for teens that is extremely interactive. NIDA's website is based upon information, raw facts and case studies instead of judgement, leaving the reader to make their own decisions.
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More NIDA Links and Downloads:

Drug-Free World

Full of documentary videos, facts and real-life testimonials, this site is a perfect resource to see the real-world effects and impact of drug use and abuse.

Alcohol Abuse Resources

Alcohol abuse is not just a problem with underage teens, the problem spans across all age groups. These websites and documents are both entertaining and informative.

Montana Meth Project

This site is focused on Methamphetamine abuse, however, the basic principle of the pitfalls of drug addiction are graphically illustrated on this website in the form of short videos, print ads and general information. This site is a must-see website for any teen considering trying any drug.

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